The Best Vacuum Sealers For Your Home

Food vacuum sealer is a great kitchen gadget to have at home because it preserves your food and gives them longer shelf life, thereby lessening wastes and saving your money in the long run. The food that are stored through vacuuming process retain their flavor and nutrients since all the air are sucked out leaving no room for microorganisms to develop.

However, not all food vacuum sealers are created equal. The inferior brands (usually the cheaply-priced ones) usually do not suck all the air out thus defeating its purpose. Some of them are complicated or difficult to use while others have thin packing bags that would not even seal. We therefore highly recommend that you go for the Food Saver vacuum sealers as they are the best and most reliable brand in the market. There are several models to choose from depending .on your needs and budget. Here are our top choices, read our review and take your pick.

Foodsaver Smart Seal Technology

  • SmartSealâ„¢ Technology is a feature that determines the food moisture and automatically adjusts the sealing level to achieve a secure, tight and reliable vacuuming.
  • This automatic bag sensing operation is practically hands-free and eliminates the guess work out of vacuum sealing.
  • The unit has push-button operation and comes with built-in roll storage and a cutter.
  • Added features include automatic liquid detection to prevent spills, canister mode, and marinate mode to infuse food with flavor in minutes.
  • There are two options for vacuum speeds and seal levels plus its integrated with a convenient bag opener.
  • Its upright design saves counter space on the kitchen not to mention it looks sleek and modern.

FoodSaver Advanced Design

  • The unit has two vacuum speeds depending on the sizes of bags and canisters and food-specific settings that provides a tight seal whether the food is dry or moist.
  • It has a very cool CrushFree Instant Seal feature that immediately stops the vacuum process to handle delicate food such as cake and strawberry for example.
  • It fits all sizes of Foodsaver bags making which are all safe to freeze, microwave and boil
  • It includes built-in roll holder and cutter which makes it simpler and easier for you to make custom sizes bags.
  • Its full-sized vacuum channel can catch any overflowing liquids plus the drip tray detaches easily and its dishwasher safe.

Now you know about vacuum sealers because we give you details review about them. So, now choice is yours. Make sure you get the right sealer for your home.

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